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Heartburn - Acid Reflux Symptoms
 Home Remedies


With more and more complaints about the pain of acid reflux from millions of people in America, and across the globe, it's very important to make sure you are able to get some type of acid reflux treatment method as quick as possible when under attack.

What a lot of people who are suffering from acid reflex, or heartburn, do not realize is that they can get relief from the physical agony that acid reflux causes immediately, as long as they know where to look for it, and that they can do it without the use of drugs. There are many natural home remedies that work much better without the dangerous side effects.

Certainly, there are plenty of medications that are prescribed by doctors, but they are not only incredibly overpriced, they are extremely dangerous. Added to the high cost of the drugs, is the simple fact that the drugs also come with the high price of side effects. What this means is that it is very expensive to pay for the repeat doctor visits; the lab tests; x-rays; MRIs and the drugs; for an acid reflux cure that doesn't work. On top of that the side effects brought on by the drugs are the cause of GERD. Continued use of the drugs for GERD can result in severe damage to the esophagus; it can lead to the necessity of either esophagus or stomach surgery, and it can lead to the possibility of cancer. That is way to high a price for me.

Natural home remedies are a marvelous alternative for acid reflux relief simply because you can find a variety of alternatives that may be beneficial. This can range from the very simple to some techniques that are a bit more sophisticated. In order to discover the best alternatives for your body requirements, it is best to experiment with several different methods, until you are able to find what works the best for you.

This will permit you to actually detect which course of action is the best for your body. If you're interested in getting rid of your acid reflux, and in preventing the acid reflux to progress to GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease), you ought to really begin thinking about changing your diet and the types of foods that you're eating.

By changing your diet and leaving out foods that are very spicy, you’re often able to reduce the occurrence of acid reflux. In spite of this, it's also imperative, that you are not simply passing up on all the foods that you especially like. Should you happen to come across several foods you completely enjoy, but usually tend to irritate the acid reflux condition, you can always try taking two teaspoons of blackstrap molasses every day.

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no drug acid reflux cure



Hi - thank you for your report. I would just like to tell you that I tried the acid reflux remedy that you have, and I am amazed.

My reflux had lasted for over a week, I actually had to see a doctor. The doctor gave me Pepcid. Then I decided to go to WebMd and look for something natural, and I found your website.

I followed every step you told me to, and in a day and a half, I felt so good I decided to try eating the foods I liked.

So I've been eating everything like I always did, and I have no acid reflux anymore!

It was so simple and easy. Thank you, its great to be able to eat good food again and not suffer.

~ Judie Hunt